On Thu, Jul 06, 2000, Rahul Dhesi wrote:
> Linh Pham <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >> Can we have little green "[ OK ]"s as well? :)
> >> 
> >> j/k
> >I hope you are joking... LOL... We don't want Linux emulation to go in
> >that direction.
> It's not the green that's important, it's the 'OK'.  The way Redhat
> Linux boots, you can see at a glance which start-up commands failed and
> which ones succeeded.  The way FreeBSD boots, it's all one big blur.
> Also, in the Linux scheme, there is a standard mechanism to keep track
> of which boot-time service has already been started, and any accidental
> re-invocation of the script (without an intervening 'stop') will be
> detected and rejected.  I personally find the 'chkconfig' command to be
> very convenient to enable, disable, and list boot-time services, without
> having to manually rename xxx.sh to xxx.sh.DISABLED and back.

Well, chkconfig isn't a linux thing:

replicate 1% uname -a
IRIX replicate 6.5 05190003 IP22
replicate 2% which chkconfig
replicate 3% 

And its actually very useful IMHO. Thats what rc.conf is for though, right?


and so on .. ?


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