On Thu, 6 Jul 2000, Rahul Dhesi wrote:

> Linh Pham <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >> Can we have little green "[ OK ]"s as well? :)
> >> 
> >> j/k
> >I hope you are joking... LOL... We don't want Linux emulation to go in
> >that direction.
> It's not the green that's important, it's the 'OK'.  The way Redhat
> Linux boots, you can see at a glance which start-up commands failed and
> which ones succeeded.  The way FreeBSD boots, it's all one big blur.

But guess what, the error messages are eaten.  I've had times where errors
were not redirected into the log so you have phantom errors. Plus I've had
erroneous 'OK' conditions on things that were actually broken (eg missing
ethernet interfaces).

The current way spews the error all over, but it's plainly obvious what's
broken and why.

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