On Sat, 8 Jul 2000, Mike Meyer wrote:

> > By all means, use start/stop args, but hard link the .sh files into seperate
> > directories or something so that the order can be tweaked..
> If all you want is to make sure that shutdown happens in the reverse
> order of startup, that can be done by reversing the list in
> rc.shutdown. But how about going a step further, and starting towards
> a user-friendly configuration process?
> Instead of being globbed at init time, etc/rc.d is a repository for
> things that take start/stop arguments. They are symlinked to
> /etc/init.d with numeric prefixes to control order at initialization
> time. Likewise, they can be symlinked to /etc/down.d (or shutdown.d)
> with numeric prefixes to control order at shutdown time.

  How about rather then separate directories, you prefix the symlink names 
with 'S' for startup scripts and 'K' (for "kill") for shutdown scripts. Then,
you rename rc.d to rc3.d...

  Ducks and runs,


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