Kelly Yancey wrote:

> On Sat, 8 Jul 2000, Mike Meyer wrote:
> > > By all means, use start/stop args, but hard link the .sh files into seperate
> > > directories or something so that the order can be tweaked..
> >
> > If all you want is to make sure that shutdown happens in the reverse
> > order of startup, that can be done by reversing the list in
> > rc.shutdown. But how about going a step further, and starting towards
> > a user-friendly configuration process?
> >
> > Instead of being globbed at init time, etc/rc.d is a repository for
> > things that take start/stop arguments. They are symlinked to
> > /etc/init.d with numeric prefixes to control order at initialization
> > time. Likewise, they can be symlinked to /etc/down.d (or shutdown.d)
> > with numeric prefixes to control order at shutdown time.
> >
>   How about rather then separate directories, you prefix the symlink names
> with 'S' for startup scripts and 'K' (for "kill") for shutdown scripts. Then,
> you rename rc.d to rc3.d...

I like it. It's clean and simple, almost to the point of being elegant. But why
bother adding rc?.d if you are going to right it to handle s or k then the present
home should be fine, no?

>   Ducks and runs,
>   Kelly
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