On Mon, 10 Jul 2000, Mikel wrote:

> Kelly Yancey wrote:
> >
> >   How about rather then separate directories, you prefix the symlink names
> > with 'S' for startup scripts and 'K' (for "kill") for shutdown scripts. Then,
> > you rename rc.d to rc3.d...
> I like it. It's clean and simple, almost to the point of being elegant. But why
> bother adding rc?.d if you are going to right it to handle s or k then the present
> home should be fine, no?

  It was a reference to how SysV organized it's rc scripts. SysV implements
'run-levels' for which there is a rcX.d for each run-level. The
startup/shutdown scripts for a run-level are executed at transitions between
levels. In any event, it was a poor attempt at humor on my part. Don't go down
this road, read the archives to see why (search for init and runlevels).


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