On Mon, 10 Jul 2000, Mike Meyer wrote:

:Daniel C. Sobral writes:
:> Mike Meyer wrote:
:> The multiple levels are there to deal with changes in state. In BSD, for
:> instance, we have single user/multi-user. A number of other variations
:> can exist, both in heavy duty servers where you might want to bring
:> certain services down for upgrade and then back up, and "desktop"
:> machines, such as notebooks where you can be stand-alone, docked into
:> different networks (eg. home/work).
:I'm familiar with why mutliple levels exist. I've never run into a
:system that had a real use for more than three run levels - powered
:off, maintenance, and up - though I've not dealt with

Some of the machines I work on have three useful multi-user states.
Runlevel 2 is plain-old multi-user mode, where filesystems are mounted, and
the normal collection of services (mail, telnetd, ftpd, etc) are running.
Run level 3 adds the DBMS, run level 4 adds the database dependent

:P.S. - anyone else remember rc.single? Anyone care?

Haven't seen one since Ultirx.  shudder.


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