Cyrille Lefevre wrote:
> > Non-centralized configuration is frowned upon. Having to find which file
> > has something, or having to read through multiple files to understand
> > how the system is configured is a disadvantage wrt to the present
> > system.
> not so difficult if a command do that for you. (show, change, start and stop)

Commands limit you in awkward ways. Hell, AIX has commands to do
anything with the configuration you might want, but that has not
prevented people from hating it... :-)

Daniel C. Sobral                        (8-DCS)

                <jkh> _DES: The Book of Bruce has only one sentence in it, and it says
"the actual directives of my cult are left as an exercise for the
reader. Good luck."
                <EE> jkh: does it really include the 'good luck' part?
                <jkh> EE: OK, I made that part up.
                <jkh> EE: I figured it should sound a bit more cheery than how Bruce
initially dictated it to me.

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