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> I haven't looked into it too deeply yet because of other source tree 
> problems, but if you used to get your crypto ,v files from internat, 
> you will suffer some funny problems unless you nuke the old checked-out 
> files.
> The problem occurs when you cvsup the new crypto-in-src-all sources 
> and replace RCS files with different contents and the same version 
> number.  cvs update/checkout compares the repo version number against 
> the checked out version number and considers the file an ``M'' 
> (modified source).  The file isn't updated and your world gets 
> corrupted.

One thing I'd like to stress is that this only affects you if you're
getting the CVS files (*,v) and then using the cvs command to check
them out and/or update them.  If you are using CVSup in checkout mode
(*default tag=something) then you don't need to do anything special.

> This is probably a candidate for UPDATING.

That wouldn't hurt.  But it actually affects _all_ branches, I
believe.  So in a way, UPDATING doesn't cover enough ground.

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