In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Mike Meyer writes:
: Do you claim ownership of all the drivers in cam/scsi, or can someone
: with more tolerant religious convictions add a driver that's a clone
: of the CD driver + MMC extensions that gets first crack at CDROM
: drives, and recognizes MMC drives, but not others?

Ken wrote the cd driver as well as large parts of CAM.  Chances are
good that what you are calling religious convictions were actually
hard fought engineering decisions that have the backing of hard
experience plus many more "details" that Ken might not recall off the
top of his head but that lead to his views.

Having said this, if you can come up with a foolproof way to get the
ioctls right on all the drives that do support them, even the whacked
out ones that need all kinds of quirky entries, and do it in a way
that doesn't needlessly bloat the kernel for little gain (few people,
in the scheme of things, have cd-r or cd-rw on their machines and use
them to burn disks), then he might reconsider his views.  However,
much of your posts have had an "airchair quarterback" feel to them and
unless and until you have working code, nobody's opinions are going to


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