Warner Losh writes:
> Having said this, if you can come up with a foolproof way to get the
> ioctls right on all the drives that do support them, even the whacked
> out ones that need all kinds of quirky entries, and do it in a way
> that doesn't needlessly bloat the kernel for little gain (few people,
> in the scheme of things, have cd-r or cd-rw on their machines and use
> them to burn disks), then he might reconsider his views.  However,
> much of your posts have had an "airchair quarterback" feel to them and
> unless and until you have working code, nobody's opinions are going to
> change.

You may well be right, and there are good technical reasons for not
doing this. The only real reason that's been presented for not doing
MMC is that all the non-MMC drives might cause a support
headache. There are sound technical reasons for *not* doing non-MMC
drives, and Ken and I agree on that.

If the answer from the person who would have to approve the code had
come back "Ok, provide the code and we'll see how well it works in
practice", I'd do the code. But when it appears the code would never
make it into the tree to be used, why waste my time?


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