On 23 Aug, Paul Richards wrote:

>> > On a vaguely related topic, after much searching I can't seem to see one
>> > way or the other if we can do a complete bit-by-bit copy of a cd with
>> > either cdrecord or burncd, though it's possible I'm looking in the wrong
>> > place.
>> I think cdrecord can burn CDs in disk-at-once mode, and I think cdrdao (in
>> ports/audio) can do it as well.
>> As far as getting an image, you can use dd to dump off an image of a CD if
>> it is a standard ISO9660 CD.  (I've used that method to clone CDs before.)
> That didn't seem to work when I tried it a couple of days ago. Got a
> "device not configured" error.

You've done something wrong, it works here.

If I need a copy of a data cd I use "cdrecord -v speed=4 dev=0,1,0
-eject -isosize /dev/cd1c" (cd1 is my CD-ROM, cd0 (dev=0,1,0) is my CD


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