On Tue, Aug 22, 2000 at 20:43:15 -0400, Laurence Berland wrote:
> On a vaguely related topic, after much searching I can't seem to see one
> way or the other if we can do a complete bit-by-bit copy of a cd with
> either cdrecord or burncd, though it's possible I'm looking in the wrong
> place.

I think cdrecord can burn CDs in disk-at-once mode, and I think cdrdao (in
ports/audio) can do it as well.

As far as getting an image, you can use dd to dump off an image of a CD if
it is a standard ISO9660 CD.  (I've used that method to clone CDs before.)

If it uses a blocksize other than 2048 bytes, though, you can't use dd with
the SCSI cd driver.

There may be CD rippers that can pull the data off into an image, though.
I don't know for sure.

Kenneth Merry

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