On Mon, Aug 21, 2000 at 10:50:11PM -0500, Mike Meyer wrote:
> Christopher Masto writes:
> > I'd rather see cdrecord work on ATAPI CD-Rs.  burncd gives me a lot of
> > trouble.
> As cdrecord isn't part of FreeBSD, this is clearly the wrong place to
> ask about that. Joe Schilling watches [EMAIL PROTECTED], and
> that's the place to ask.
> I've been told that ATAPI CD-Rs use the same basic command set (MMC)
> as SCSI ones, only they don't have legacy problems - so it should be
> possible.

Actually, that's why this would be the appropriate place.  cdrecord is
designed to do that sort of thing - it separates out the driver
interface and has several already, including support for Linux's
"ATAPI over SCSI".  It just doesn't work with FreeBSD because our
ATAPI driver doesn't make available the low-level communication it
needs.  But whatever.  I've personally decided to give up on it
and get a SCSI CD-R at some point.  I'm just confused by the desire
to avoid cdrecord, since in my experience, it has worked great.
It also has a lot of nifty options.
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