On Sat, 26 Aug 2000, Thomas Stromberg wrote:

>Hopefully this thread will save the next poor soul who tries this.


>Now the question is, what ATA-100 RAID solutions are there that are fully
>supported? I'd guess the Promise board, but the last time I guessed
>(err.. last week), I got a supported chipset with an unsupported feature

Currently the only IDE RAID cards supported are the 3Ware ones.  For a
list of supported RAID hardware one should always check:

>Just so I don't go do anything stupid, anyone secretly working on
>drivers for this behind our backs, or is it as good as junk?

You could turn off the fake RAID in the BIOS, use it strictly as an
ATA100 controller and use the vinum software RAID driver to do some real
RAID.  Info on that is available from:

Another alternative, and the one that I have been using, is to order one
of the Arena series external IDE RAID boxes from raidweb.com.  They're
pretty cool little pieces of hardware.  I'm also using IBM 75GXPs with

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