It seems Thomas Stromberg wrote:
> On Sat, 26 Aug 2000, Mike Smith wrote:
> > This is not an "IDE RAID" controller.  It's an IDE controller with some 
> > lame "RAID" software in the BIOS.  We don't support this.
> Hopefully this thread will save the next poor soul who tries this.
> Just to put the final nail in the coffin.. I went ahead and
> installed on an old WDMA2 drive of mine, and put /var and /usr on what
> hopefully was a striped RAID. Well, I pulled the second drive
> offline, and.. it still booted up beautifully. So the striping in bios
> on the HPT-370 is indeed meaningless. C'est la vie.
> Now the question is, what ATA-100 RAID solutions are there that are fully
> supported? I'd guess the Promise board, but the last time I guessed
> (err.. last week), I got a supported chipset with an unsupported feature
> :)

Well, both the HPT270 and the Promise Fasttrak "RAID" gimmicks are
SW in the BIOS, so there is no HW to support. You could use vinum
to get the exact same behavior...

> Just so I don't go do anything stupid, anyone secretly working on
> drivers for this behind our backs, or is it as good as junk?

He, I've got a patch submitted that should work with the promise
ie it does the RAID stuff in the driver and reads the RAID setup
from the BIOS/disks. I've yet to find out how/where HPT stores
their info, but in case I find out, I will probably add support
for these "BIOS RAID" setups...


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