Brooks Davis writes:
> On Sun, Aug 27, 2000 at 09:33:21PM +0900, Motomichi Matsuzaki wrote:
> > Doing 'make install' without /boot/device.hints is failed,
> > saying "You must set up a /boot/device.hints file first."
> > Is this right?
> You should read cvs-all.  There was a commit by Peter which forces you
> to install a /boot/device.hints file to install a kernel as an anti-foot
> shooting measure.  An empty file (ie touch /boot/device.hints) is
> acceptable for those who don't want to use a hints file.

I do read cvs-all, and I missed it. Not did I find device.hints in the
relevant Makefiles. Can you provide a pointer to details on how
/boot/device.hints is used in the build process, or how having an
empty one keeps you from shooting yourself in the foot?


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