In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Matthew Jacob 
: > I do read cvs-all, and I missed it. Not did I find device.hints in the
: > relevant Makefiles. Can you provide a pointer to details on how
: > /boot/device.hints is used in the build process, or how having an
: > empty one keeps you from shooting yourself in the foot?
: cvs-all is not appropriate. I am noticing a 3-7 day lag on UPDATING.
: Bad.

cvs-all *IS*REQUIRED* for all people running -current.  UPDATING tries
to cull things from there on an as needed basis.  It is a service that
gets done when I have time.  If someone wants to pay me a stipend to
drop everything the instant something is committed to the tree and
update UPDATING, then the lag will improve.  Otherwise, 3-7 days
really isn't that bad and will continue to be the case.


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