Donn Miller writes:
> Mike Meyer wrote:
> > I do read cvs-all, and I missed it. Not did I find device.hints in the
> > relevant Makefiles. Can you provide a pointer to details on how
> > /boot/device.hints is used in the build process, or how having an
> > empty one keeps you from shooting yourself in the foot?
> Actually, device.hints isn't used in the build process.

In that case, why does the kernel build process fail if it doesn't

> KERNEL.hints file is hard-coded into the kernel when your kernel is
> built (assuming you use one).  /boot/device.hints is used to override
> the "hardcoded" values of hints, KERNEL.hints, at boot time.  Sometimes,
> people can make a mistake in KERNEL.hints, and it's necessary to
> override those hints with /boot/device.hints.  So, device.hints is
> created after-the-fact, and not part of the kernel build.  Of course, if
> you don't have any hints to override, then just install an empty
> device.hints file.

Will the system fail to boot if there isn't an empty device.hints


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