I've noticed a few things wrong with the SMPNG code.  These are mostly
impressions.  As I learn more about them, I'll file more formal bug
reports.  This is an FYI to fellow travelers along the path.
        1) You can't have I386_CPU at all.  This is likely bad in
           the long run, but OK for now.
        2) APM is now broken.  It worked after the ACPI integration,
           but after the SMPNG stuff neither apm -z nor the BIOS keys
           seems to suspend.
        3) Linux emuation is panics the machine in linux_open on
           a normal boot.
        4) Need to rebuild all libkvm things, yet again, but
           make world fixed that :-)
        5) USB ethernet is more likely to hang the machine than it was
           before.  This hand is transient, however.  I have seen
           one crash removing the USB adapter that I didn't used to
           see, but wasn't in a position to look at it in detail.
        6) Switching virtual termintals from the X server to the
           console is busted.
        7) SSH to a machine on my local network is dog slow
           sometimes.  I can type about one line or two lines ahead of
           it in email when it happens.  It feels like a network pause
           of about 1-2 seconds.  Local windows behave well during
           these episodes.
        8) The machine seems to pause more often than it used to for
           reasons totally unknown at this time.  These pauses last
           for several seconds and then things are good again.  This
           might be related to #7, but the total machine pauses happen
           w/o any network connections.  Next time this happens, I'll
           hit capslock to see if the interrupts are blocked or not.

But other than that, the system is usable.  I've been able to build
world on my laptop running this afternoon's tree.  I've also been able
to do some development with it as well, both in X and on the console.
Things are much more stable than I had feared, but less stable than I
like them.  Since I knew what I was getting into, it isn't a huge
deal, but I wanted to give feedback to people about this.

Now is a bad time to be thinking about cuting a production
machine/snapshot from the -current branch.


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