In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Warner Losh writes:
:       2) APM is now broken.  It worked after the ACPI integration,
:          but after the SMPNG stuff neither apm -z nor the BIOS keys
:          seems to suspend.

Turns out this isn't the case.

:       3) Linux emuation is panics the machine in linux_open on
:          a normal boot.

Turns out to be a bad module.

:       4) Need to rebuild all libkvm things, yet again, but
:          make world fixed that :-)

Still true.

:       5) USB ethernet is more likely to hang the machine than it was
:          before.  This hand is transient, however.  I have seen
:          one crash removing the USB adapter that I didn't used to
:          see, but wasn't in a position to look at it in detail.

I've not seen this crash again, but things do seem a little slow.  The
slowness has only been seen in X with an xterm so far, but it has been
seen a few times.

:       6) Switching virtual termintals from the X server to the
:          console is busted.

This works, but may be realted to the above and below.

:       7) SSH to a machine on my local network is dog slow
:          sometimes.  I can type about one line or two lines ahead of
:          it in email when it happens.  It feels like a network pause
:          of about 1-2 seconds.  Local windows behave well during
:          these episodes.

This may be realted to 5.

After updating to a newer SMPNG, I'm left with seeing only the USB
issue from time to time, but only inside of X.  It happens less with
the latest update than with the first one.


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