On Fri, 08 Sep 2000 00:01:54 MST, John Baldwin wrote:

> >     3) Linux emuation is panics the machine in linux_open on
> >        a normal boot.
> Hate to ask, but are you sure it is loading the right module?  With
> the kernel.ko change, modules don't live in the same place anymore,
> and I haven't seen any commits to kldload, /etc/rc, or linux.sh that
> takes this into account.

I got annoyed when I read your question, so I set out to reproduce the
fatal trap.  Of course, since I got the trap, I've deleted my /modules
directory.  So you're aboslutely right. :-)

See my reply to my own message with the subject "HEADS UP: linux module
breaks current" to this list.


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