> My laptop does seem to run *MUCH* warmer than before as well.  It runs
> hot to begin with, but with the latest kernels it runs really hot.  It
> used to get this hot only when I compiled -j 4.  I don't have ACPI
> enabled and am using UP kernel.  There really needs to be a HLT in the
> idle loop to keep idle machines cools.

If I remember from a discussion with John Baldwin, the reason we don't do 
this (yet) is that HLT only wakes up when you take an interrupt, and 
there are cases where we can't guarantee that we'll take an interrupt in 
order to get us out of the HLT.

> The thermal management code, iirc, works in conjunction with this by
> lower the clock rate when things aren't too loaded, but that is a
> fairly complex thign to wait for.  It also seems to help mostly on
> lightly loaded machines.  HLT helps more than you'd otherwise
> think...c

HLT helps a lot, yes, but the thermal management code is responsible for 
running the system fan(s) in ACPI mode as well as throttling the CPU.  In 
some cases, that's a real issue (eg. I'm building the world now and 
extremely worried about how hot this system is because I forgot to turn 
ACPI off first. 8)

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