on Sun, 8 Oct 2000 11:46:47 +0200, Peter van Dijk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:

> Actually, mailwrapper (I don't know about this mailcap thing,
> I'm only running STABLE right now for lack of machines) does
> this job. Have you looked at /etc/mail/mailer.conf? The sendmail
> binary in /usr/sbin has no relation to sendmail - it's the
> mailwrapper, which is a good concept.

    What needs to be considered, in maintaining postfix for the
    'conventional' interface of sendmail (as of 8.10) is:

        /usr/bin/mailq -> /usr/sbin/sendmail
        /usr/bin/newaliases -> /usr/sbin/sendmail
        /usr/sbin/sendmail -> /usr/sbin/mailwrapper

    and, given that Wietse's /usr/bin/sendmail does essentially
    the same thing as sendmail's /usr/sbin/mailwrapper except
    that it is based on the declarations in /etc/postfix/main.cf
    rather than /etc/mail/mailer.conf, it seems the probable
    'sane' solution is to install Wietse's 'sendmail' as
    /usr/sbin/postmail (which I have done) and use the soft

        /usr/bin/mailq -> /usr/sbin/sendmail
        /usr/bin/newaliases -> /usr/sbin/sendmail
        /usr/sbin/sendmail -> /usr/sbin/postmail

    which I have now done on my network.

    Then, if 'installworld' tramples /usr/sbin/sendmail, it only
    means changing the symbolic link; meanwhile, no-one needs to
    put the intermediate spooler in that I use (unless they want
    to play double safe). <g>

    Secondly, I am quite comfortable with postfix, having ported
    it in for about 18 months --not as long as Brad Knowles, but
    long enough. Wietse writes good, clean, and organized code!

    I plan to communicate same to Wietse along with the patch
    file for 'src/util/sys_defs.h' and see what happens; it's
    his program.

> Otherwise, nice to see such a howto.

    Thank you; I will refine it out, plus get it ready for
    inclusion in the /usr/src/contrib tree if so permitted.  I
    am a firm believer in KISS for the unwashed, and will
    therefore establish the initial configuration with defaults
    to eliminate the questions in the install script.

    I am perfectly well willing to maintain it in cvs format.

        attila out...

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