On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, attila! wrote:

>    Thank you; I will refine it out, plus get it ready for
>    inclusion in the /usr/src/contrib tree if so permitted.  I
>    am a firm believer in KISS for the unwashed, and will
>    therefore establish the initial configuration with defaults
>    to eliminate the questions in the install script.
>    I am perfectly well willing to maintain it in cvs format.

You and a million other crusaders.

Sorry to rain on your parade but what you're discussing borders on a
religious jihad.  Were we all not already tired of the endless
flamefests that spawn from every discussion concerning the MTA in the
base system, I'm sure you would have a mailbox full of flames by now.
If you go look through the archives you will find countless threads
waging the sendmail vs. qmail vs. postfix vs. exim vs. "i wrote this
simple mailer last week..." war.  The fact of the matter remains that it
will take an event of astronomical proportions to finally reach a
consensus on that issue.  Quite frankly, if you prepare postfix for
inclusion in the contrib tree your time will be completely wasted.
Sendmail is there, works, and is being actively maintained by a member
of the actual sendmail team.  That's far more than can be said for other
parts of the contrib tree and if you'd like to help out I'm sure there
are other areas that need more attention.  I'm save you the frustration
now, please, don't waste your time.

Brandon D. Valentine
bandix at looksharp.net  |  bandix at structbio.vanderbilt.edu
"Truth suffers from too much analysis." -- Ancient Fremen Saying

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