on 8 Oct 2000 13:14:14 +0200, Brad Knowles <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> responded:

+ At 7:02 AM +0000 2000/10/8, attila! wrote:
+ >  (a) pick a directory and 'tar -zxf snapshot-20000531.tar.gz'
+ >
+ >  (b) 'cd snapshot-20000531'
+ Three things:
+ 1. You don't tell people where to get the postfix software.
+    Start with <http://www.postfix.org/ftp-sites.html>, and
+    select a mirror site close to you.

    True, I did not; thanx for pointing that out! I already had
    the code, both from the 'ports' version which did not install
    correctly, and one I had pulled down. A selection (more at


+ 2. You mention the use of snapshots, but this is not
+    recommended practice for sites new to postfix.  Instead,
+    start with the most recent "release" version, e.g.,
+    postfix-19991231-pl09.
+    According to Wietse, the "snapshot" versions are:
+      Work-in-progress code, subject to change, needs
+      testing before it can become an official release.
+    However, these versions are what he runs on his own
+    systems, so it's probably better than the official
+    "production" release version of code from most anyone
+    else.

    I look at 'snapshots' philosophically; if I willingly track
    FreeBSD-5.0-current, I am obviously accustomed to the risks

    As I mentioned, FreeBSD-current has 'snapshot-20000531'
    available in both the 'pkg' and 'ports' libraries. Most
    sites that I am aware of are using the snapshot-50000531
    release, and as you point out, Wietse uses it on his
    site(s), which is more than enough of a recommendation from
    my perspective.

    20000531 also represents a major 'cut-point'.

    20001001 is the most current which Wietse is now running and
    stating that it is 'production quality'. Obviously, I will
    port 20001001 this afternoon!

on Sun, 8 Oct 2000 22:10:33 +0200, Brad Knowles <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> responded:

= on 2:31 PM -0500 2000/10/8, Will Andrews <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
= >  Heh.. Wietse uses so-called ``experimental'' Postfix on his systems.
= >  And there are *LOTS* of people who think that whatever Wietse runs is
= >  good enough for them.. so this statement had better be hased on personal
= >  experience about the actual stability of ``experimental''.
= I quoted directly from the postfix web page, when I said that the
= snapshot versions are:
= Work-in-progress code, subject to change, needs testing before
= it can become an official release.
= I've been involved with postfix since long before it became known
= by this name, and all during that process, the recommended version
= that people are encouraged to run is the latest "official release"
= version.
= Myself, I run the next-to-latest snapshot version on our
= production systems, but you'd better be prepared to deal with any
= problems that may occur if you want to do the same.  Otherwise, you
= shouldn't be running a snapshot version.

    not only good advice, but mandatory... however, I may be a
    little crazier as I will port the _latest_ version this
    afternoon! Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

on 8 Oct 2000 13:14:14 +0200, Brad Knowles <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> responded: (cont)

+ 3. [re: non-standard dbm libraries and MAKEAS]
+    [snip]
+    Berkeley db 2.7.7 (built with "../dist/configure
+    --enable-compat185", because postfix uses only the db 1.85
+    interfaces)
+    [snip]

    Why not consider the use of the mysql interface which
    provides dynamic aliasing?

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