At 2:31 PM -0500 2000/10/8, Will Andrews wrote:

>  Heh.. Wietse uses so-called ``experimental'' Postfix on his systems.
>  And there are *LOTS* of people who think that whatever Wietse runs is
>  good enough for them.. so this statement had better be hased on personal
>  experience about the actual stability of ``experimental''.

        I quoted directly from the postfix web page, when I said that the 
snapshot versions are:

                Work-in-progress code, subject to change, needs testing
                before it can become an official release.

        I've been involved with postfix since long before it became known 
by this name, and all during that process, the recommended version 
that people are encouraged to run is the latest "official release" 

        Myself, I run the next-to-latest snapshot version on our 
production systems, but you'd better be prepared to deal with any 
problems that may occur if you want to do the same.  Otherwise, you 
shouldn't be running a snapshot version.

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