on Mon, 9 Oct 2000 13:58:19 +0200, Brad Knowles <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> replied:

+ [snip]
+ At 9:22 PM +0000 2000/10/8, attila! wrote:
+ >      20001001 is the most current which Wietse is now running and
+ >      stating that it is 'production quality'. Obviously, I will
+ >      port 20001001 this afternoon!
+ No, 20001005 is the latest snapshot I know of, and appears to be
+ what Wietse is running himself:

    You are correct --it was a typo on my part....  There was no
    20001001; 20000924 was the previous!

    I compiled and verified 20001005 last night and will install
    it on hun.org later this morning when I get a chance.

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