> > the other problem i had after switch that system to -current
> > is that after a random time, the connection will frzzed.
> > the routing table still exist, connection is still up.
> > just cant connect to anywhere outside the network. no error
> > or anything been loged in ppp.log.
> Interestingly enough, I've been having the same problem with PPPoE ever since
> it hit the tree 'bout a year ago. It happens infrequently enough that I tend
> to blame my provider, rather than ppp.
> When it happens, killing ppp and restarting it is usually enough. 

Drop Julian or Archie a line; Julian wrote the code for netgraph
for PPPoE, and Archie modified it most recently.

BTW: I believe PPPoE in both Julian and Archie's cases specifically
uses the netgraph PPP implementation, so it's an "all in the
kernel" approach; the problem may be your use of user space code
(i.e. killable code, since you can't kill it in the kernel, only
unlink or unload it).

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