> > BTW: I believe PPPoE in both Julian and Archie's cases specifically
> > uses the netgraph PPP implementation, so it's an "all in the
> > kernel" approach; the problem may be your use of user space code
> > (i.e. killable code, since you can't kill it in the kernel, only
> > unlink or unload it).
> Actually, I dont believe so. At least, ppp(8) merely uses the PPPoE netgraph
> node, and does all PPP processing in user space, AFAICT.
> If, however, you're referring to mpd, then yes, that uses the netgraph PPP
> implementation.

Yes, mpd.  Both Archie and Julian were running pure netgraph
systems with different PPPoE cable modem provider configurations;
I can't vouch for Archie's configuration, but I'm positive that
Julian had it going, since he was using it at his apartment in SFO
before he went back to OZ.

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