> > When it happens, killing ppp and restarting it is usually enough. 
> > 
> > I have no idea what causes it.
> > 
> kill ppp and restart it doesnt help at all.
> will it make any different if i change a network card?

I dont think so. There are times when I cant do a simple kill/restart, and I
have to physically shut off the modem, cycle power on my server, and bring it
up again.

While this *may* be a function of the PPPoE code, I'm inclined to blame my
provider, if only because they've had issues in the past. I presently lack the
resources to adequately debug the issue.

> it happen so frequently, it is impossible to run a stable
> server with PPPoE!

Might I suggest you drop a note over on freebsd-net? Perhaps you'll rustle up
some more support there.


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