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> jwd> 5. At this time, remove ALL MFS filesystems from /etc/fstab.
> jwd>    They can be hand mounted after bootup or via a local rc
> jwd>    startup script.
> Is there any chance to mount MFS filesystem listed in /etc/fstab just
> after the /dev/random reseeding is done ? I cannot put up with that we
> cannot put 'mfs' line to /etc/fstab forever. Moreover, /tmp (common
> MFS candidate) is already used by X server after rebooting; you may
> not want to mount /tmp at hand later.
> Or, it's only for upgrading procedure, and we can put 'mfs' lines back?

   #5 above represents a bug in the current code. It needs to be
fixed, but I don't know what the 'correct' thing to do is just

   Does the FSIRAND code in mfs require crypto strength randomness?


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