On Tue, Oct 24, 2000 at 02:36:44PM -0400, John W. De Boskey wrote:
> the 'le' driver does not work. Can someone provide additional
> information about why it's in GENERIC?

Get confirmation that it does not work (one user isn't suffient in my
book as there could be many issues which could make it ``not work'' for
one person).
> Other candidates I've been pointed to include the removal of
> /boot/boot[12] and NFS

IMO NFS needs to stay.  It is *very* useful to many (including me).

P.S.  PLEASE trim the CC line. It has gotten redictulously long.  To the
point some might consider not sending a single message on this thread,
else they'll get their mailbox flooded from then on.

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