On Tue, 24 Oct 2000, Jordan Hubbard wrote:

> Believe me, if we were to put out a serious call to kill NFS from the
> installation boot images, you'd very quickly hear from all of those
> people and they would be screaming.  We need to exhaust all other
> possibilities before we even contemplate that option.

IMHO the battle to keep the floppies from overflowing is already lost.
Each time it's like cutting out your limbs to fit into tight clothes. What
I think we need is to find new clothes, so to speak, i.e. some other way
of organizing the content on the floppies. If we don't do it, we will keep

E.g. we could move some of the drivers to the mfsroot.flp as KLDs, and
either autoload them later (i.e. not from the bootloader, but using
kldload), or have some options in the menu for loading. This way at least
we will avoid overflowing kern.flp.

Andrzej Bialecki

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