> Again. There is no public NFS servers for distributing FreeBSD as I know.
> You can't get any FreeBSD, even if you sends NFS packets to the Internet.
> Can I and anybody access your favorite NFS servers?

I think this misses the point.  Not everyone installs FreeBSD from
public servers and, in fact, there is a large percentage of FreeBSD
users who have *never* installed FreeBSD from a public server and
never will due to various firewall / corporate policy issues.
Instead, they transfer the bits to an intermediate server or mount the
installation CD and export it, doing all installs over NFS or anon FTP
(internal use only) from there.

Believe me, if we were to put out a serious call to kill NFS from the
installation boot images, you'd very quickly hear from all of those
people and they would be screaming.  We need to exhaust all other
possibilities before we even contemplate that option.

- Jordan

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