>This makes it difficult to configure remotely without getting locked out 
>of the
>Is there a way to cause the ipfw module to default to a different policy upon

I'm not sure about influencing modules with options in kernel config, I'll 
leave that to the pro's but you could as a workaround use:

echo kldload ipfw > load_ipfw.sh
echo ipfw add 65000 allow all from any to any >> load_ipfw.sh
nohup sh load_ipfw.sh

I vaguely remember stuffing them both on one commandline fails because the 
shell dies due to the block before the ipfw command is executed. Hence the 

>For now it appears that I am locked out, until I can access the console.

That's what all the warnings about doing ipfw stuff remotely are for =)

         Doc "I have shot myself in the foot doing ipfw remotely too" Wilco

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