On 26-Oct-00 David O'Brien wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 26, 2000 at 03:18:55PM -0700, John Baldwin wrote:
>> Ugh, no.  Peter's forthcoming config(8) changes will allow you to
>> specify kernel options to use when building modules (actually, it
>> builds modules in the same environment as the kernel) to properly
>> handle this.  Just be patient until we have the right solution
>> finished and in the tree.
> I disagree.  Vaporware (example Son of Sysinstall) has kept us from
> improving things until the fabled newstuff arrives.

Code that is in his tree != vaporware (yes, I have seen an actual
modified src tree with it in there)

> Unless you have a strong commitment from Peter on a time frame, we need
> to offer an easy way to control the functionality of the ipfw module.

a) This is current.  5.0-release isn't next week, so we have time to get
   this done right.
b) Any hacks we add now we have to then be backward compatibile with
   later on which increases the maintenance load.


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