> I disagree.  Vaporware (example Son of Sysinstall) has kept us from
> improving things until the fabled newstuff arrives.

That's actually a bad example since just a brief glance at the cvs
commit logs for sysinstall will show that a number of fingers have
dived into it over the years and "improved" it (sometimes to the point
of unusability! :).

I've also sent out numerous appeals to the various mailing lists for
someone, anyone, to come up with something better than sysinstall
which was somehow less grandiose than my own follow-on designs or,
failing that, to significantly revamp sysinstall itself.  The fact
that nobody has stepped up to the plate has, I feel, nothing to do
with vaporware, it has to do with certain problems simply being icky
and unpleasant to deal with.  If such was not the case, you'd think
one of the other *BSDs would have done it if not us.

Let's also not forget that Caldera had to PAY Trolltech to do their
fancy installer and then Red Hat came along and substantially pinched
off of that one, so even the vastly better-funded and staffed Linux
projects haven't really managed to crack the nut just on volunteer
labor alone.

Grrrr.  Hot button. :)

- Jordan

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