In "make release breakage" discussion, I said that I'll write a patch
to load kernel module from sysinstall to get more free space in the
first floppy.  This is my implementation.  I'll commit this patch to
-current if there's no objection.

I moved PCI/PCCARD/USB if_xx.ko driver to mfsroot.flp, and I've got
100KB of free blocks in the first floppy.  If we move more drivers to
mfsroot.flp or coming drivers.flp, we can get not only free blocks in
the first floppy, but also more installation devices.

I've put the patche and the binary images of *.flp at,


I've tested these floppies on my machine with Intel PRO/100+ fxp
network card.  Sysinstall loads if_fxp.ko from mfsroot.flp, and listed
it as network installation media (Alt-F2 shows debug messages).

Tatsumi Hosokawa

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