At 6:39 PM -0800 11/27/00, Kent Stewart wrote:
>Garance A Drosihn wrote:
>>  Unless I'm missing something, which is certainly possible, it
>>  seems to me that
>>  is missing some information that it used to have.  There is no
>>  section on mergemaster, for instance, even though there IS a
>>  link to that section, and that link thinks the section is on
>>  the same web page.
>>  I get a vague feeling that something else on the page isn't
>>  right, but I can't think of what that might be.  Probably
>>  the section on building kernels, because it does not actually
>>  mention the 'buildkernel' or 'installkernel' targets.
>I thought the following instructions were quite explicit and
>they were
>18.4.1. Read /usr/src/UPDATING
>Before you do anything else, read /usr/src/UPDATING   [...].
>If UPDATING contradicts something you read here, UPDATING
>takes precedence.

I would think that somewhere along the line we would update
the information in the handbook, just out of courtesy.  If
we have no intention of ever updating this web page, then
let's remove the 'makeworld.html' web page, and replace it
with a pointer to the UPDATING file.

That disclaimer also does not explain why the web page itself
THINKS that it has a section on mergemaster, but it has no
such section.

I have enough saved messages and useful pointers (including
UPDATING) that I have already updated my system quite fine,
and do not need any explicit instructions on where to go.  I
am just saying this web page in the handbook could be more
helpful.  What's more, I could have sworn that at one time
the web page DID have a section on mergemaster...

[but that's the part that I might be imagining...]
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