At 7:57 PM -0800 11/27/00, Kent Stewart wrote:
>Garance A Drosihn wrote:
>  > I would think that somewhere along the line we would update
>>  the information in the handbook, just out of courtesy.  If
>>  we have no intention of ever updating this web page, then
>>  let's remove the 'makeworld.html' web page, and replace it
>>  with a pointer to the UPDATING file.
>Which UPDATING file are you going to point to. It can be
>different for each release of the system. The manual way also
>still applies for the older versions.

Yeah.  The other thing I was going to suggest was that it
might be a good idea to breakup this 'makeworld.html' page,
based on system-version, because several parts of it are no
longer required for release 4.x systems.  I wasn't sure of
the best way to do that.  For that matter, the makeworld web
page includes information for updating release 2.x systems,
and I don't think freebsd really supports 2.x anymore.

Just for some background, when I'm upgrading a system, I
have one nice system with a huge monitor (which happens to
be a Mac), while the system I'm actually upgrading might
be a machine which doesn't have a decent monitor, or even
have X installed.  So, for me it's usually more convenient
to start by reading the handbook pages via the web, and
then only read the "new entries" in UPDATING using vi.

(by "new entries", I mean the things added since the last
time I cvsup-ed the system in question...)
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