>Andrea Campi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Ok, I will try each one. At the moment, I'm using logo_saver.
>> I will let you know.
>Take a long hard look at vesa_set_mode() and vesa_set_origin() in
>sys/i386/isa/vesa.c. If the panic occurs while the console is still in
>text mode, the bug is in vesa_set_mode(); if it occurs after the
>console has switched to graphics mode, it's probably in

The may be in the VESA BIOS on the video card :-)

The vesa module calls the VESA BIOS to change video modes.  The bug
may not necessarily be in the BIOS "code", but the VESA video mode
"table" to which the vesa module refers, when it sets up a new video
mode, and calculates and initializes variables in the vesa module.

I would like to see full dump of 'vidcontrol -i adapter',
'vidcontrol -i mode' and dmesg after the vesa module is loaded
(you get very verbose output from the vesa module init code
if you boot the kernel with 'boot -v').

You see, the VESA BIOS support on some video cards is not so complete.
For example, we saw in the mailing list recently that the "VGA compatible"
bit is somewhat turned off for VESA high resolution modes, didn't we?
That possibly was a bug in that VESA BIOS. (OR, those mode ARE
genuinely VGA-incompatible and we shouldn't use them the way 
the vesa modules accesses them...)


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