On 05-Dec-00 Andrea Campi wrote:
>> > 
>> > db> x/i,10 0xc025ad3c
>> > scrn_timer:   pushl   %ebp
>> > [...]
>> > 
>> > nm just confirmed this, so it definitely looks like scrn_timer is to blame
>> > here. Any other instructions? ;-) For the time being, vidcontrol -t off
>> > (seems to) keep the machine up.
>> > 
>> > Bye,
>> >       Andrea
>> Weird, I don't see anything offhand that syscons is doing that would cause
>> it
>> to leak Giant.  Hmm.  Can you add a the same code before the mtx_enter() of
> Having gone through yet another series of cvsup - make kernel - panics, I can
> now confirm this happens if and only if I have VESA defined. A
> vidcontrol -t off
> stops the panics. Now I will try to understand what's up, but I should warn
> you
> that I'm not really confident with this part of the kernel yet.
> More details: this is an IBM Thinkpad laptop with APM enabled and in the
> kernel.
> As usual, any hint is more than welcome. This used to work...

Which screen saver?  Does it do it with all of them?  Just graphical ones, just
text ones, just green_saver, etc.?

> Bye,
>       Andrea


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