On 05-Dec-00 Andrea Campi wrote:
>> > More details: this is an IBM Thinkpad laptop with APM enabled and in the
>> > kernel.
>> > As usual, any hint is more than welcome. This used to work...
>> Which screen saver?  Does it do it with all of them?  Just graphical ones,
>> just
>> text ones, just green_saver, etc.?
> Rrrright... I can assure you I would never have thought this could make a
> difference...

That's ok, it didn't occur to me either at first.  However, the green_saver
calls into APM, and the graphical ones will call into VESA, so it might make a

> Ok, I will try each one. At the moment, I'm using logo_saver.
> I will let you know.
> Bye,
>       Andrea
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>                   Weird enough for government work.


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