> > 
> > db> x/i,10 0xc025ad3c
> > scrn_timer:   pushl   %ebp
> > [...]
> > 
> > nm just confirmed this, so it definitely looks like scrn_timer is to blame
> > here. Any other instructions? ;-) For the time being, vidcontrol -t off
> > (seems to) keep the machine up.
> > 
> > Bye,
> >       Andrea
> Weird, I don't see anything offhand that syscons is doing that would cause it
> to leak Giant.  Hmm.  Can you add a the same code before the mtx_enter() of

Having gone through yet another series of cvsup - make kernel - panics, I can
now confirm this happens if and only if I have VESA defined. A

vidcontrol -t off

stops the panics. Now I will try to understand what's up, but I should warn you
that I'm not really confident with this part of the kernel yet.

More details: this is an IBM Thinkpad laptop with APM enabled and in the kernel.
As usual, any hint is more than welcome. This used to work...


     The three Rs of Microsoft support: Retry, Reboot, Reinstall.

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