I've ported Multilingual sysinstall to -current.  I put the latest
source and binaries (Japanese/Englush only) is at
(please note that non-English docuemnt files are based on 4.2-RELEASE)

Currently, this implementation supports Japanese, Korean, Traditional
Chinese, and Russian.  The status of translation work is:

Japanese:               finished
Korean:                 finished
Traditional Chinese:    about to finish
Russian:                only *.hlp files have been translated

This code has some minor problems, but it works.  I think it's better
to change the development of this project to open style.  I would like
to import this code to -current CVS repositry soon if there's no

FYI: for 4.2-RELEASE,
contains source, and binaries for all supported languages.

Tatsumi Hosokawa

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