On Wed, Dec 06, 2000 at 02:30:21AM -0800, Alfred Perlstein scribbled:
| * Michael C . Wu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [001206 01:46] wrote:
| > On Wed, Dec 06, 2000 at 05:28:28PM +0900, Tatsumi Hosokawa scribbled:
| > | I've ported Multilingual sysinstall to -current.  I put the latest
| > | source and binaries (Japanese/Englush only) is at
| > | http://people.freebsd.org/~hosokawa/boot-ja/5.0-CURRENT/release-20001206-1/
| > | (please note that non-English docuemnt files are based on 4.2-RELEASE)
| > |
| > | Currently, this implementation supports Japanese, Korean, Traditional
| > | Chinese, and Russian.  The status of translation work is:
| > |
| > | Japanese:             finished
| > | Korean:                       finished
| > | Traditional Chinese:  about to finish
| > | Russian:              only *.hlp files have been translated
| > |
| > | This code has some minor problems, but it works.  I think it's better
| > | to change the development of this project to open style.  I would like
| > | to import this code to -current CVS repositry soon if there's no
| > | objections.
| >
| > As we wait for libh development, I do not think we should exert
| > efforts to try for another solution.  This tends to allow for
| > slack in further development of better products.
| No, this motivates those working for a greater good to produce
| more than just promises of what's to come.


| > People who run -CURRENT should be able to read and write English to
| > understand the code comments, report bugs, and post to the lists in English.
| Why?  It's my native tongue and even I have issues on occasion with
| comments and manpage additions that forieners correct (Bruce, Eivind,
| Asmodai and Sheldon to name a few.)  Having a problem with english
| doesn't make anyone less of an intellectual.
| > I would have no objections to L10N'ized sysinstall being maintained in
| > the same way that PAO is maintained.  The boot floppies and iso images
| > can be put up somewhere for download, and maintained in RELENG_4.
| Maybe after libh is released... since you guys aren't basing your
| work on sysinstall, it's not like you'd have to deal with a code
| merger.
This is not about a code merge, this is about how we will support
users who use this stuff.  If we want to do this, we need to
have a centralized support system/mailing lists, instead of the
currently very segmented local support systems.

I would have no objections if we can figure out a way to support
this in a bug reporting system, mailing lists.  But I agree you
are right, we could use this in 4.x.  Perhaps I did not
think this one thoroughly.

| I think it should be brought in and quickly MFC'd for the next
| 4.3 release.
| I see no conflict between these two efforts and since one seems
| pretty much completed, I'd like to see it in the base system.

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