>As we wait for libh development, I do not think we should exert
>efforts to try for another solution.  This tends to allow for
>slack in further development of better products.
>A good example would be a proposal by Alfred Pernstein to slightly
>modify RELENG_4 SMP for the duration of SMPNG development.  The proposal
>was not well accepted due to the reason I stated above.
>We really should concentrate on libh as a complete and _clean_ solution.

Sure, libh is a better solution. But, don't you think it's still good
to have something working until it will become available.

>In addition, the purpose of putting localized sysinstall in -CURRENT
>is rather dubious.  -CURRENT/HEAD is a developers' branch, people
>who use this branch should be able to read English and the system
>error messages.  If they cannot install the system with English
>sysinstall, I would have doubts on their programming and testing ability.
>People who run -CURRENT should be able to read and write English to
>understand the code comments, report bugs, and post to the lists in English.

I think you are missing the point here. As you point out, the -current
is for developers; it's for development and for testing. I don't
think Tatsumi wants -current users to use I18N sysinstall to install
-current, but, rather wants them to have a look at the code and test

>I would have no objections to L10N'ized sysinstall being maintained in
>the same way that PAO is maintained.  The boot floppies and iso images
>can be put up somewhere for download, and maintained in RELENG_4.

Why should it be in RELENG_4? If it's maintained in -current and
regularly MFCed to RELENG_4, it is exposed to wide audience of
-current developers and -stable users. That will attract more
comments and bug reports, and will also minimize the delay between
regular releases of FreeBSD and I18N/L10N sysinstall for them; the
delay normally associated with L10N sysinstall (and PAO) after regular
FreeBSD releases.

>Normally, I would welcome any I18N/L10N efforts in FreeBSD.
>However, the FreeBSD Project's official position paraphrased is
>"If you don't know what to do with -CURRENT, don't install it."

See my comments above.

>Combined with the point that we should not divert efforts from libh,
>I hold the opinion that we should not import this.

I don't think importing multilingual sysinstall will detract effort
from libh.  You see, even if it is maintained separately from the
-current, it has its own maintainers and developers.  I expect they
are the same people who will maintain and develop I18N sysinstall when
it is imported to the -current.  They may or may not be libh
developers at the same time. But, I don't think I18N sysinstall is
suddenly needing a large army of developers and will steal them from
the libh developer base.

>Finally, still many thanks and applause to Tatsumi and others
>for this work.

The same from me to them too.

>| FYI: for 4.2-RELEASE,
>| http://people.freebsd.org/~hosokawa/boot-ja/4.2-RELEASE/release-20001205-1/
>| contains source, and binaries for all supported languages.
>| http://peorth.iteration.net/~keichii | Yes, BSD is a conspiracy. |

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