>>>>> "TH" == Tatsumi Hosokawa <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    TH> Multilingual sysinstall project started when FreeBSD is 2.0.5, and
    TH> maintained in PAO-like style, but it's very larger patch than PAO
    TH> (especially, it replaces almost all messages in
    TH> release/sysinstall/menus.c) and it makes that "keeping current" work
    TH> very difficult.  Almost all code of this project is written when
    TH> FreeBSD is 2.x, and it's in "maintainance-only" phase for years.

I am working for translating sysinstall messages, release notes and
help files to Korean for 4 years, from 2.2.1-RELEASE. I would be very
happy if it will be included in -current and RELENG_4 system.

Sometimes the release of I18N sysinstall(and former PAO) was delayed
until next release, so if we can release I18N sysinstall timely for
each release, it would help non-english users for FreeBSD very
much. No other linux or BSD distribution(except localized ones) has
such installer. It is very attractive thing for novice FreeBSD users
to install in their mother tongue, even if he can understand English.

And until libh is really working(hopefully 5.0-RELEASE?), I18N
sysinstall is a good alternative. If we have it in -current, it would
be relatively easy for debug and improve. I18N sysinstall still have a
few bugs to be fixed although Tatsumi and other some CJK developers

    > Finally, still many thanks and applause to Tatsumi and others
    > for this work.
    >  The same from me to them too.

Me too!

    TH> Thank you !

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