On Sat, Dec 09, 2000 at 11:36:26AM +0900, Tatsumi Hosokawa scribbled:
| At Wed, 6 Dec 2000 18:18:50 -0600,
| Michael C . Wu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
| > 
| > Do you have Alpha boot floppies? Does kons25/big5con/korean compile
| > on Alpha?  Would this fit on our ever growing mfsroot.flp and kern.flp?
| I don't have alpha machine and my knowledge about Alpha architecture
| is very limited.  But kons25 currently can't be compiled on Alpha
| machine, and is disabled if ARCH==alpha (perhaps
| release/localization/kon2 should be release/localization/i386/kon2).
| > I recall seeing the release engineers struggling with fitting the kernel.
| I have committed to move *.ko modules to mfsroot.flp (and I think it's
| easily extended to the third floppy or CD-ROM) last month.  This is
| not enabled on Alpha currently, but I think it can be also used on
| alpha architecture.  I've not put it to alpha floppy only because I
| dont have alpha testbed.
| If you copy release/i386/drivers.conf to release/alpha and edit it to
| fit the alpha architecture, drivers will be moved to mfsroot.flp
| easily.
| > It would be hard to make OpenBOOT and SRM do what we do in kons25.
| > (Doable, but someone has to do it.)  I also know that Alpha
| > SRM+vidcontrol+sc0 can only have one video mode, 80x25.  Can
| > Mr. Yokota clarify this for me?
| Does vidcontrol on Alpha support loadable font option?  Russian
| support uses only this function and does not use graphics console.
| Other European languages can be supported in this way.

Yes, vidcontrol on Alpha supports loadable fonts.  But foxfair told
me that he and vanilla looked into kons/big5con for Alpha.  Their
conclusion was that it is pretty impossible, but not too impossible. :)

DECUnix/Tru64 has support for CJK and many other languages in SRM.
However, FreeBSD's vidcontrol cannot do what SRM does, for some reason.

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