On Sat, Dec 09, 2000 at 09:40:31PM -0600, Mike Meyer wrote:
> > I always thought ``make PREFIX=/tmp/foo package'' is pretty obvious.. but
> What does the above command do if the port isn't PREFIX clean?

Installs the ports's bits into [most likely] /usr/local, cause an error
while trying to build the package, and create a situation where
`pkg_delete' could not be used to delete the installed bits.

> My personal test is "make PREFIX=/tmp/foo install && make
> deinstall". If something in the plist is installed outside of
> /tmp/foo, the deinstall will complain when it can't find it.

Just a different flavor of catching the errors.  "make PREFIX=/tmp/foo
package" will also complain if it cannot find the binaries to tar up in

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